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Friday, December 15, 2017

Twas the Night Before Christmas

This layout is a work of heart. My dear and much loved grandfather made one Christmas special for me. To find out about this cherished memory of mine, you will need to see the journaling at the end of this post. This piece is for the Color Stories Inspiration Design Team.

Here is how I solved Case File 244: 

Scheme: All five colors used
Evidence: Stencils, bricks, trees, ribbons
     1. Document a Christmas memory.
     2. Write a description using all the senses.

One of my favorite techniques is to use multi- dimensional elements in my layouts. The beautifully framed cabin, all tied up with a bow is perfect for my story. Also seen here is evidence of paper tearing and use of stencil and modeling paste. 

Here, can be seen the stamping, paint splatters,  and heat embossing in the background. I love the little "seedlings" seen coming out from under various elements, as if they were icicles. 

In the picture below, you can see Dandad standing in front of his fireplace. 


Blue Fern Studios

     Homespun, Homegrown,
     Wanderlust, Ocean Voyage
     Vintage Christmas, Greeting Cards
     Tranquility, Contentment
     Amber and Apricot, Tweet Melody, Flora

     Twas the Night
     Royal Heart Frame

     Embossing Powder: 
     Santa's Suit

     Seedlings: Sterling Silver, 
     Stamp: Essential Textures
Prima flowers
Ranger Embossit Dabber 
The Crafter's Workshop template

A Story for My Grandchildren 
Their Grandchildren

The fire in the hearth made all my clothes smell somewhat like a Virginia cured ham. This happened every time I spent the weekend in the small rock cabin where Dandad lived on his farm since my grandmother died. After spending the weekend with him, I would open my suitcase to unpack and the scent would serve to remind me of all the fun I had during the previous few days. I remembered how the orange and gold flames had licked the dried logs, and how they always crackled and popped as if to celebrate being alive.

There was one weekend that became an exceptionally happy memory for me. I don't remember why my parents left me at the farm on Christmas Eve. Perhaps they got together with other family or friends. Or, maybe they still had some wrapping to do before the big day. Back then, I didn't always understand why parents did things, but that was OK because I knew I would be well taken care of and I enjoyed each and every visit to "The Farm". I wondered if Santa would find me here in this cozy little cabin that Dandad called "The Camp", far away from the city lights. He assured me that Santa would be able to find me there. And walked over to his chest of drawers and pulled out one of his socks. We went over to the fireplace together and carefully hung the stocking up on a peg that he had poked into the mortar between the rocks and the mantle. He promised that it would be full in the morning. Later that evening, as I laid in bed, hardly able to keep my eyes open, I kept thinking about Santa and still worried about him being able to find me. 

The next thing I saw was the bright sunlight coming through the windows. I must have dozed off to sleep and not seen the man with the sleigh or heard the stomping of hooves of his eight reindeer! As I rubbed my eyes and looked over at my stocking, I could clearly see that it was full! Standing on my toes, I reached up to take the stocking down. I know I must have had a big smile on my face because Santa found me! There may not have been any toys or candy in my stocking, but HE had found me! I reached into the big sock and felt a smooth, firm apple, almonds with their woody, bumpy shells still on them and and a big fat, juicy orange or two, with their dimpled skin! It was an old fashioned Christmas just like it had been many years before when my "Dandad" was a little boy on Christmas Day!

To this very day, I never have discovered how Santa could find me .....but he did!!!

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Friday, December 1, 2017


Hello my scrappy friends! I think that winter is upon us! And what better way to celebrate this fun and meaningful season of the year than to scrapbook it and write down my thoughts about it.

Here is the CSI prompt:

How I solved the case...

Scheme: All five colors used
Evidence: Christmas/winter elements, silver and  glitter
Testimony: Document a winter celebration

Layering, fussy cutting, playing with stencils and modeling paste......it doesn't get any better than this for spending a cold winter's evening in my happy scrappy place! 

Three dimension is a must for me! 


Blue Fern Studios
     Paper:Vintage Christmas, Vintage Christmas2,
          Heartland, Deja Vu
     Chipboard: Santa's Sleigh, Winter Titles
     Embossing Powder: Celestial, Silver Bells
     Lace #1
     Stamps: Jingle Bells
     Seedlings: Sterling Silver, Glass
 Prima flowers
 Ranger Embossit Dabber   

The journaling reads, "The wonder of winter means snowflakes, hot chocolate, cold weather, snuggling by the fire, a new year, sccarves, gloves and hats, sweethearts and valentines. Most of all the coming of winter means the celebration of Jesus Christ, the light of the world. 

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