Saturday, October 13, 2018


Hello friends! I'm back with a layout for Color Stories Inspiration AKA: CSI. I absolutely had to use this picture of our daughter because it is so rare to not see her smiling or laughing. If you get a chance to play along, please do so. I love the challenge of solving the case!

One of the items listed on the evidence list is "something metal". When cropping this photo I almost cropped it out, but not completely! It is a little bow hanging from the large white rose on the right. 

Here is how I solved this case file:

Scheme: All five colors used
Evidence: metal, buttons, lots of layers. I counted
Testimony: Prompt Idea - Hidden Journaling

Another item on the evidence list is buttons. I used a vintage button, and it looks like a small cameo. It can be seen at about 10 o'clock from the large white rose, closest to the viewer. 

Here you can see the paint splatters that were added last. 


Blue Fern Studios Papers*

     Vintage Christmas, Magical
     Vintage Christmas 2, Holiday Cards
     Vintage Christmas 2, Let it Snow
Blue Fern Studios Chipboard:

     Berry Frame
     Serenity, Calm, Hushed
Blue Fern Studios Embossing Powders

     Snow, Ruby, Summer Breeze
Blue Fern Studios Seedlings

Blue Fern Studios Stamp, Jingle Bells

Michaels: small white flowers
Prima: Large white roses, 3-D Matte Gel

Ranger Emboss It Dabber
Reneabouquets, Etsy
     Beautiful Beads, Teal
From my Stash:

     Beads and Sequins
     Embroidery Thread
     Metal Bow
     Vintage Button
     Vintage Velvet Flowers

* All papers were purchased from Renee Bouquets on Etsy 

Above, you can see the stamping, embossing, tearing and bead work.

Regarding the hidden journaling, I have created the collage above to show how I managed this. I love to tell the story about the photo, but prefer to not have the journaling written on the front of the layout. In virtually all of my work, I create a pocket on the back of the layout using a library pocket or an envelope. In either case I cut areas off of the top so it can be glued close to the top and back  of the layout and the journaling card can be almost completely hidden with only the top seen peeking out from behind the LO, begging the viewer to pull it out, hold it and read it.  I have always loved interactive scrapbooking! 

The journaling reads, "Hushed is a word you will never hear from me to describe Liz. She is known by her family and friends to be the 'life of the party'. This is probably the only photo of her looking hushed!"

Thanks to EVERYONE who leaves a comment! 

Monday, September 3, 2018


Hello my scrappy friends! Today I'm sharing my latest layout for the Color Stories Inspiration. Design Team. Come play along with us on this wonderful challenge. We would love to have you join us!

This layout is dedicated to Leslie Kamm, owner of Blue Fern Studios, for her dedication to family. God bless you Leslie. 
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Here is how I solved this case file:

Scheme: All five colors used
Evidence: Leaves, stamps, Ink
Testimony: Prompt Idea - List Love

Using seedlings is a fun way to enhance most anything on a layout. They may be applied to chipboard, paper, flowers, or most anything, really. 

Techniques used are three dimensional work, texturizing, fussy cutting, layering, painting, heat embossing, and stamping. 


     Blue Fern Studios

          Paper - In the mood, Peaceful
          Chipboard - Butterfly Family, Butterfly 
          Embossing Powder - Pink Dust, Blood
               Orange, Coral, Green Ivory
          Flowers - Happy Roses, Apricot Blooms, 
               Apricot Blooms, Heartland Blooms
          Stamps - Fleur Wallpaper
          Seedlings - Meadow, Glass

          3-D Matte Gel
          Art Stones
     Ranger Emboss - It Dabber

     The Crafter's Workshop - Stencil

     From my stash:

           Glass beads
           Modeling Paste

My family is everything to me and makes me happy. Hack and I have been married for forty four years and support each other in many ways. We met while we were students at TCU and he later earned his MBA from Texas A&M University, Commerce.  He is the love of my life and we are devoted to each other. 

I love my children for all they have accomplished, but most of all for the good and responsible people they have become. They have happy, fulfilling lives and enjoy their family and friends! Lee is our firstborn and earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of North Texas. He works for Patterson Dental and lives here in the DFW area, where he has an active social life. Liz also lives here in the DFW area and earned her Bachelor of Political Science from Texas Tech University. I think Liz was the original “party animal” with dozens of funny stories to tell and a wonderful sense of humor, she is always the life of the party. She works for EMSI. 

Mother keeps us all in line and sets high expectations. She is a spry 97 years young and lives in her beautiful home and still drives. She is very independent.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Angel Baby

Hello scrapbooking friends! I'm so excited to share this layout that I created for the CSI Design Team with you. One reason for my joy is the story behind the scrapbook page. 

As most of you know, I am a retired elementary teacher. One of the greatest joys of teaching is witnessing the positive outcome of a former student. In this case, my husband and I were able to spend a little time with my student Robert, his wife and baby daughter. What a beautiful family they are and I enjoy being kept in the loop through social media! Here, we were able to reconnect in real life! 

Image may contain: 5 people, including Robert Potts, Katie Potts and Patty Rogers, people smiling, people standing and indoor

Now, back to the scrapbooking....

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Here is how I solved Case File 260:

Scheme: All five colors were used
Evidence: Floral pattern, Stripes, Tassel, 
         Flowers/leaves, Lace and Gold
Testimony: Inspiration word, "Bloom"

On the background paper I used modeling paste and a honeycomb stencil to represent the sweetness of parenting. 

It seemed perfectly natural to use gold seedlings to represent the sunshine this sweet baby girl brings to her parents and grandparents! 

Techniques used are three dimensional work, texturizing, paper tearing, painting, heat embossing, and stamping. 


     Blue Fern Studios

          Paper - Garden Life, Sunkissed
               Heartland, XOXO
          Chipboard - Rose Bouquet, Dresden 
               Coursage, Baby Words
          Embossing Powder - In the Navy, Cotton 
          Flowers - Happy Roses
          Stamps - Serendipity Medley
          Seedlings - Mustard

          3-D Matte Gel
          Art Stones
          Mini Art Stones
     Ranger Emboss - It Dabber

     The Crafter's Workshop - Honeycomb Stencil

     From my stash:

           Glass beads
           Modeling Paste
           Tiny white flowers

My journaling reads, "This baby girl brings sunshine and sweetness wherever she goes! Her daddy was a wonderful student in a third grade class of mine and I know she will be a great student like her mommy and daddy. Bloom, sweetie."

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Land of Fire and Ice

Happy August everyone! This month at CSI is all about travel, should you choose the traditional method of solving a case. I was inspired by travel and a destination on my son's bucket list. There are other journaling choices, if you decide to not make your layout about travel. 

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Here is how I solved Case File 259:

Scheme: All five colors used
Evidence: Text pattern, transportation, travel
        theme and stamping
Testimony: Sunday Stealing: The getaway car is 
        waiting outside. Where is it taking you? 

You can see here, where I created the title using a Word document on my computer. I created a text box, typed the wording, changed the text color to white and the background color to black. I printed and cut out the title, then glued it onto my layout. Voila! Instant title work! 

On the flowers, I used Snow Writer from Hobby Lobby to add a feeling of snowy weather. 

Check out all the layering, texture and dimension! 


Blue Fern Studios

     Paper- Timeless, Main Street
                 Heartland, Love Blooms
                 Garden Life, Felicity
                 Autumn Anthology, Westfield

                 Manchester Frame
                 Spring Iris, Large

     Embossing Powder-
                 Morning Sun
                 Starry Night




       3-D Matte Gel
       Art Stones
       Mini Art Stones

Ranger Emboss It Dabber

The last and most fun step in the art portion of my scrapbooking is adding the Prima Art Stones and Mini Art Stones, beads and Blue Fern Studios Seedlings. To do this, I first use a paintbrush to paint on  Prima's 3D Matte Gel in the areas I want the above products to appear. Quickly, I put the beads, etc. on the same area and let it dry. 

My journaling reads, "What a surprise to learn from Lee that he would like to travel to Iceland someday. It truly is the Land of fire and ice, with generally a cold climate and loaded with geothermal features and beautiful landscapes, including waterfalls. Enjoy your many travels, Lee!"

Thanks for stopping by....see you next time! 

Sunday, July 15, 2018


July has brought the culmination of a two and a half year struggle for my husband and myself. Read the journaling to know the entire story. The layout has been created for the Color Stories Inspiration Design Team.
Here is how I solved the case:

Scheme- All five colors used
Evidence- Stripes, watercolor pattern, circles, wet medium, embossing powder, something grainy
Testimony- I chose to tell this true tale of crime and the long arm of the law on striped paper.

Layering, 3-D heat embossing and fussy cutting are a must for me. 

Background texture and dimension can always be seen in my work as I think it gives the viewer more techniques to ponder. 


Blue Fern Studios

Wanderlust, Wanderlust Petites
Autumn Anthology, Robin

Lane Lamp Post
Concentric Circles

Embossing Powder:
In the Navy
Bonny Blue

Remnants Blooms
Heartland Blossoms
Seaside Roses
Homespun Blooms

Tattered Newsprint


Prima Marketing 

3-D Matte Gel
Art Stones


Emboss It Dabber

And now, for the story...

"To the best of my recollection, our neighbors lived in their home since the late eighties. The husband passed away in the mid nineties, leaving his widow alone in their home. Their two grown daughters rarely came to visit her throughout the years. Approximately two and a half years ago, we noticed that the older daughter had made an appearance. Her mother was dying. 

Shortly after this, my husband and I began noticing people driving to the back of the house, then leaving within five to ten minutes. This quickly increased in number of instances and we became very concerned that there was drug dealing happening there. This occured at all hours of the night and day! The people coming in had cars that were banged up and often had paper plates. The people themselves were shabbily dressed, unlike the hard working good neighbor's who live around us, who get up early and drive to work each day, raise their children, send them to college, and keep their homes neat and tidy. 

Soon, neighbor's were asking us about the people next door. They too, were concerned and many of them had children. That was enough for me! My husband and I met with the police one night between Christmas and New Year's, this past year. A case was opened and within the first week of 2018, two undercover officers came to interview us.

Shortly afterwards there was a raid, in which an arrest was made, and we learned that methamphetamines were being used in the home. 

All along, there had been loud, unruly behavior; mostly yelling, horn honking and a lot of digging around in the trunks of cars. Nothing could have prepared us for the younger sister parading around in various states of undress! Sometimes she was semi nude and at least once, she was totally nude! 

By the week before Easter, Hack and I had documented more than 152 visits from non-residents, carefully recording license plates, time in time out, description of drivers, etcetera and shared our observations with the police. We were so determined to see this activity end for the sake of our neighbor's and their children. 

Three Sunday's ago, we went to church and took my mother to lunch. As we have always done, we took a nap and then were watching TV when we heard a loud knock on the door. I told my husband that it was a tall man in dark clothes, and that it might be a good idea if he answered the door. We were surprised to learn that it was a policeman at our door! 

The policeman had come to tell us that one of the men that was frequently seen next door was pulled over and caught with multiple bags of meth on his person! He was booked into the county jail and I felt as though my "Dandad" was looking down on me and saying, "Job well done." 

I showed the policeman an album of pictures from my grandfather's days in law enforcement. He had risen from Deputy City Marshal in my hometown, then to Sheriff of our county, and was appointed Marshal of the Northern District of Texas before retiring in 1954. He had served  more than forty years in law enforcement! 

If only the people had known who their neighbor's were! I have often chuckled over this and know that my grandfather would be smiling! 

Now, the neighbors have decided they don't like this city and have sold their house to several women who flip houses. I hope and pray that it looks beautiful when it is finished and that a nice family with children move in! 

I am eternally grateful to law enforcement for their determination to be right in the middle of the neighbor's 'business'!"

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Hello scrappy friends! I hope that everyone north of the equator is staying cool in one way or another! For my friends south of the the equator, stay warm! Wherever you live, I think it is the perfect time to stay inside and do something wonderfully creative! 

No automatic alt text available.

This layout is for the Color Stories Inspiration Design Team and I loved working with the pastel colors against the black background! 

The paint splatters can easily be seen in the photo above. This is one of my "Go to" techniques for the backgrounds of my layouts. 

In the photo above, can be seen the layering I always use. To change things up a bit, I gathered and placed some Tim Holtz Tissue Wrap between the Blue Fern layers. 


Blue Fern Studios

 In the Mood: Pensive, Dreamy 
Serendipity: Reminisce
Montague: Bouquet

Floral and Spray
Paisley and Vine Flowers

Embossing Powders
Cotton Candy

Spring Blooms
Remnants Florals

Sweet Pea

Honey Bits

3-D Matte Gel

Emboss It Dabber
Tim Holtz Tissue Wrap

The seedlings and beads are added by painting 3-D Matte Gel where I want them on the layout, then I sprinkle the beads and seedlings over the same area and let them dry. When they have dried, I shake off the excess beads and smile!

The journaling reads, "Elizabeth and Kristin met while standing in line in front of a Greek sorority house during rush. Oddly enough, it turned out that they had almost identical rush schedules and were always next to each other at the parties so they became fast friends. As chance would have it, they both decided to pledge Alpha Phi and have been close friends ever since. Through thick and thin, finals, break ups, weddings and childbirth, Kristin has remained one of Elizabeth's cornerstones. Words alone cannot express how much this friendship means to Liz. This friendship is one of a kind and they love each other like sisters. These two ladies think their friendship is like a breath of fresh air!"