Friday, March 16, 2018

Easter Basket for Tresors de Luxe

Sharing an Easter Project I created for the Tresors de Luxe design team. I have decorated Easter eggs since I was a little girl, so I now have three to add to my collection. 

This egg is covered completely with lace, then I wound a string of "pearls" around the egg and last, added the pretty flower. Some stitching was involved. 

For each egg, I painted it with gesso, then added the lace. Some small silver pins keep the lace in place. Using a small brush, I painted over the pin head, so it wouldn't be seen. 

Thanks for taking a peek! 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

You Make Me Smile

Hello scrappy friends! Today I'm sharing a layout for the Color Stories Inspiration Design Team. This challenge has the prettiest color combinations. 

Here is how I solved the case:

I used the traditional clues.
Scheme: All five colors were used
Evidence: Birds, flowers, stamping, paint
Testimony: I chose #55 from Buddies Prompt: What would you do if you lived on a farm? 

Techniques used on this, and all of my layouts are: painting, texturizing with stencil and modeling paste, 3-D work, embossing, fussy cutting and stamping. 


Blue Fern Studio
     Paper: Vintage Christmas, Noel
          Paisley and Vine, Playing Cards
          Timeless, Calling Cards
          Heartland, Kiss Kiss
     Chipboard: You Make Me Smile
          Jeweled Page Dangles
          Roman Clocks, Small
     Embossing Powder: Santa's Suit
          Golden Seas, Frozen, Speckled Mint
     Seedlings: Beating Heart
     Stamp: Serendipity Medley
     Emboss It Dabber

The journaling reads, "I believe if Liz lived on a farm, she would cuddle with the animals all day! She has always loved her furry and feathered friends. They have included cats, bunnies, hamsters, a dog and wild birds throughout the years. She has been especially loyal to her doxie, Wit, for fourteen years, even though he is a little stinker!

Thanks to everyone who stops by! 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Great Outdoors

Hello fellow scrapbookers! Today I am sharing my latest layout for Color Stories Inspiration. The light here for the past few days has been terrible for photography, but the sun finally peeked through the wintry clouds this afternoon and I was able to get some decent photos for you. 

Here is the prompt for this case file. I solved case 249 in the following way: 

Scheme: All five colors were used
Evidence: Woodland animals, outdoor themed
        items: twigs/branches
Testimony: I chose to document something about
        an outdoor memory 

Come and play along with us if you can....we would love to have you! 

Here, can be seen one of my favorite forms of repurposing. I always save the orange plastic netting that our mandarin oranges are packaged in. To prepare the netting, I use a brayer to coat it with a couple of layers of gesso. Then, I paint it whatever color I like. Or not at all, as in this case. 

If you have never used the tiny seedlings from Blue Fern Studios, you may want to give them a try. I love them and now have most of the colors handy. The larger ecru pebbles  by Prima are delightful to use. They can be colored to suit the project. I didn't color them here. 

In the background, I have used some modeling paste and a stencil to achieve a little texture. I have also done some fussy cutting and turned it into 3-D work. 

More seedlings used here. This time, I sprinkled clear seedlings on top of the flowers for just a tiny bit of sparkle. They remind me of dew drops! 


Blue Fern Studios
          Serendipity, Merriment 
          Timeless, Calling Cards
           Autumn Anthology, Parfumerie
          Great Outdoors
          Birds on a Wire
          All Natural Set
          Fern Leaves
          Seaside Lilies
          Tranquil Blooms
          Harvest Lilies
     Embossing Powders
          Green Ivory
     3-D Matte Gel, transparent
     Art Stones
Ranger Emboss It Dabber

The journaling reads, " Lee has always enjoyed getting outdoors, especially when basketball is involved."

Thanks for stopping by.....see you next time! 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Wild Thing

Happy Valentine's, everyone! Today, I am sharing a layout about our "funny little valentine", Gracie. She keeps a couple of empty nesters laughing at her funny antics and is truly a joy to be around.

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I was inspired by the beautiful colors in this challenge and by our precious Gracie Girl. Here is how I solved Case File 248:

Scheme: All five colors used
Evidence: Floral pattern, hearts, Butterflies, leaves, flowers
Testimony: Document something special about the one you love. 

3-D work, fussy cutting, layering and painting are some of my favorite techniques to use in scrapbooking. 

Here, you can see the distressing of the paper. 

Heat embossing of the chipboard can be seen in this photo as well as use of paint to change up the flowers a bit to tone them down and meet the requirements for the color scheme. 


Blue Fern Studios
        Paper: In the Mood, Dreamy
               Attic Charm, Spring Peony
               Attic Charm, Generation
        Chipboard: Wild Thing, Swallow Border
        Embossing powder: Fuchsia, Snow
        Stamp: Serendipity Medley
        Flowers: Remnants Blooms
        Seedlings: Sweet Pea
Ranger Emboss It Dabber
From my stash: Sequins, pearls and pink heart

The journaling reads, "This precious little fur baby is smart and follows commands: sit, stay, roll over, come, speak and down. She puts joy in our lives every day. We love Gracie!"

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to seeing you again! 

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Fly Away

Hello, dear scrappy friends! All of the cold weather we have been having makes me wish for a milder climate....perhaps one like in the Pacific Ocean....The Hawaiian Islands, to be specific.

If you have never played along in the challenges at CSI, try is out. I guarantee you will have fun and may even win some of our wonderful prizes! 

Here is how I solved Case File 247: 

Scheme: All five colors used.
Evidence: Floral patterns, beads, leaves, 
Testimony: Document a Summer memory
     I was inspired by the hula girl in the prompt. 

You can see the layering and the work done for the background here.


Three-D and background work creates interest.  


Blue Fern Studios
     Paper: Attic Charm, Generation
     Chipboard: Summer Vacation
     Embossing Powder: Fuchsia, Snow
     Flowers: Homespun Blooms, Heartland                        Blooms
     Seedlings: Glass
     Stamp: Journey


     Emboss It Dabber

From my stash:
     seed beads
     matte gel medium

The journaling reads, "We had come to the end of our cruise around the Hawaiian Islands and would be flying home the next day. The luau was a perfect grand finale and it lived up to all of our expectations.

The Blue Hawaiian Helicopter had been fun, flying above the misty island where Jurassic Park was filmed, but to me, it couldn't compare to the luau.

The actors and dancers told the story of how they came to the islands in such a beautiful, graceful and dramatic way that it will always be our favorite part of our Hawaiian vacation!"

Thanks, in advance, to everyone who stops by and leaves a comment! 


Sunday, January 14, 2018

A Wonderful Life

Hello scrappy friends! I'm wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018! Now that the tree is down and all of the decorations are back where they belong, I can get back to doing what I love to do....scrapbooking. This is a piece I have done for the CSI Design Team

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Here is how I solved the case: 

Scene: All five colors used
Evidence: clocks, doily, animals
Testimony: I chose to use the word, "wonder"

Fussy cutting, beads, embossing on the background and on the's all about texture and dimension for me! 

You can see all the layering I included in this layout. 


Blue Fern Studios
          Heartland, Kiss Kiss
          Blush, Fondness & Enamored
          Frolic, Adorn
          A Wonderful Life
          Natural Frame
          Love Story Adornments
     Embossing Powder
          Starry Night
          Summer Breeze
          Remnants Blooms
     Prima 3-D Matte Gel
     Ranger Embossit Dabber
From my Stash

The journaling reads, "My Husband and I truly do have a "Wonderful Life". We were college sweethearts and married a week after my graduation. 
I taught school for six years until we had Lee, and then became a stay at home mom, welcoming Elizabeth a few years later. We struggled for years on one salary and took our obligations seriously. Hack went on to earn his Master's degree so we could have a better life. When Lee and LIZ were older I went back to teaching to start saving money for their college education. We raised our two children to have good Christian values and now have earned their college degrees and support themselves. We are Blessed with two great adult children, and still help them when we can and in whatever way we can. Hack and I are happy being together, whether it is enjoying our favorite movie for the tenth time, or putting away Christmas ornaments. We have found that it is the struggle and joys of everyday life that make life wonderful.

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time! 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Twas the Night Before Christmas

This layout is a work of heart. My dear and much loved grandfather made one Christmas special for me. To find out about this cherished memory of mine, you will need to see the journaling at the end of this post. This piece is for the Color Stories Inspiration Design Team.

Here is how I solved Case File 244: 

Scheme: All five colors used
Evidence: Stencils, bricks, trees, ribbons
     1. Document a Christmas memory.
     2. Write a description using all the senses.

One of my favorite techniques is to use multi- dimensional elements in my layouts. The beautifully framed cabin, all tied up with a bow is perfect for my story. Also seen here is evidence of paper tearing and use of stencil and modeling paste. 

Here, can be seen the stamping, paint splatters,  and heat embossing in the background. I love the little "seedlings" seen coming out from under various elements, as if they were icicles. 

In the picture below, you can see Dandad standing in front of his fireplace. 


Blue Fern Studios

     Homespun, Homegrown,
     Wanderlust, Ocean Voyage
     Vintage Christmas, Greeting Cards
     Tranquility, Contentment
     Amber and Apricot, Tweet Melody, Flora

     Twas the Night
     Royal Heart Frame

     Embossing Powder: 
     Santa's Suit

     Seedlings: Sterling Silver, 
     Stamp: Essential Textures
Prima flowers
Ranger Embossit Dabber 
The Crafter's Workshop template

A Story for My Grandchildren 
Their Grandchildren

The fire in the hearth made all my clothes smell somewhat like a Virginia cured ham. This happened every time I spent the weekend in the small rock cabin where Dandad lived on his farm since my grandmother died. After spending the weekend with him, I would open my suitcase to unpack and the scent would serve to remind me of all the fun I had during the previous few days. I remembered how the orange and gold flames had licked the dried logs, and how they always crackled and popped as if to celebrate being alive.

There was one weekend that became an exceptionally happy memory for me. I don't remember why my parents left me at the farm on Christmas Eve. Perhaps they got together with other family or friends. Or, maybe they still had some wrapping to do before the big day. Back then, I didn't always understand why parents did things, but that was OK because I knew I would be well taken care of and I enjoyed each and every visit to "The Farm". I wondered if Santa would find me here in this cozy little cabin that Dandad called "The Camp", far away from the city lights. He assured me that Santa would be able to find me there. And walked over to his chest of drawers and pulled out one of his socks. We went over to the fireplace together and carefully hung the stocking up on a peg that he had poked into the mortar between the rocks and the mantle. He promised that it would be full in the morning. Later that evening, as I laid in bed, hardly able to keep my eyes open, I kept thinking about Santa and still worried about him being able to find me. 

The next thing I saw was the bright sunlight coming through the windows. I must have dozed off to sleep and not seen the man with the sleigh or heard the stomping of hooves of his eight reindeer! As I rubbed my eyes and looked over at my stocking, I could clearly see that it was full! Standing on my toes, I reached up to take the stocking down. I know I must have had a big smile on my face because Santa found me! There may not have been any toys or candy in my stocking, but HE had found me! I reached into the big sock and felt a smooth, firm apple, almonds with their woody, bumpy shells still on them and and a big fat, juicy orange or two, with their dimpled skin! It was an old fashioned Christmas just like it had been many years before when my "Dandad" was a little boy on Christmas Day!

To this very day, I never have discovered how Santa could find me .....but he did!!!

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See you next time!