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Friday, March 30, 2018


Happy Easter everyone!  Even though the subject is not actually one about Easter, I hope you enjoy the beautiful colors in this spring layout. What a treat it is to serve on the Color Stories Inspiration (CSI) Design Team. Thank you Debbi for all the fun over the years! This DT inspires me to tell the stories of our lives. If you are a scrapbooker, I encourage you to join in on the challenges so you too, will be creative in saving your memories.

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I was inspired by the beautiful spring color scheme and the prompt, "Write a joke in honor of April Fool's Day". They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, and maybe that's true, because I keep playing by the traditional rules at CSI.

This is how I solved Case File 251: 

Scheme: All five colors

Evidence: animals, flowers, fabric and texture paste
Testimony: I told Elizabeth's favorite joke when
      she was five years old. 

Here you can see many of the beautiful embellishments I used on this layout. Isn't the lace gorgeous?!!! I embossed the chipboard and added all of the little tiny seedlings and beads from my stash. The same technique was added to the fabric flowers. As I usually do, I fussy cut the flowers out and popped them up! For the background, I used texture paste, stamping, paint splatters and applied the seedlings and beads. So much creative enjoyment! 

     Blue Fern Studios
          Paper: Heartland, Love Song Serenade and                 Bicycle for Two
          Chipboard: Textured Wildflowers
               Funny, Giggle, Smile, Tweet Friends
          Embossing Powder: Snow, Pretty in Pink                   Cotton Candy and Fuchsia
          Flowers: Homespun Blossoms
          Seedlings: Sweet Pea
          Stamp: Essential Textures
    Tresors de Luxe
          Venice Lace, ivory
     Prima stencil and 3-D Matte Gel
     Ranger Emboss It Stamper

The journaling says, "Liz's Favorite Joke at Five

Knock knock
Who's there?
Banana who?
Banana banana
Banana banana who?
Banana banana banana
Banana banana banana who?
Orange who?
Orange you glad I didn't say banana again?

This frequently went on and on seemingly forever!"

See you next time! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Rainy Day Hat for Tresors de Luxe

For all the ladies on the go, here is a beautiful cap made with  lace and flowers. It was so easy to make with the beautiful lace sent to me by Lucy for the Tresors de Luxe Design Team. I can certainly picture this hat on the head of a busy mom as she runs errands, jogs, picks up the kids from school and helps with homework. She wouldn't have to worry about those bad hair days with this pretty cap! 

To make this cap, I sewed the lace and flowers in place and now have a designer cap for someone special!

Check out the Tresors de Luxe Etsy Shop for some of her beautiful lacy and flowery goodness!

Until next time.....

Saturday, March 24, 2018


Hello sweet scrappy friends! I have a new layout to share with you today for the Tresors de Luxe Design Team. What a treat it was to play with the beautiful  lace in this project! If you have never used their lace, you owe it to yourself to check it out, and it won't break the bank!  It is high quality bridal lace....only in scrapbooking and crafting lengths. 

Most of you already know that layering is one of my favorite techniques because of the added depth that is created. Adding a layer of lace is scrumptious! It adds such a luxurious layer to your project! 


Tressors de Luxe lace
                   White Venise Lace Trim
Blue Fern Studios
     Papers: Timeless, Freedom
                  Timeless, Papillons
                  Timeless, Calling Cards
                  Timeless, Abode
                  Sanctuary, Garden Plaza
       Chipboard: Tranquil Foliage
                  Serendipity Words 2
                  Deja Vu Tweets Chippies        
       Embossing Powder: Night Sky
       Flowers: Happy Roses
                   Remnants Florals
       Seedlings: Tickled  
       Stamp: Fleur Wallpaper
Prima 3 - D Matte Gel
Ranger Emboss It Dabber
TCW Stencil 

Techniques used on this, and all of my layouts are: painting, texturizing with stencil and modeling paste, 3-D work, embossing, fussy cutting and stamping. 

Thanks for stopping by. I love to know that you have visited. See you next time! 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Easter Basket for Tresors de Luxe

Sharing an Easter Project I created for the Tresors de Luxe design team. I have decorated Easter eggs since I was a little girl, so I now have three to add to my collection. 

This egg is covered completely with lace, then I wound a string of "pearls" around the egg and last, added the pretty flower. Some stitching was involved. 

For each egg, I painted it with gesso, then added the lace. Some small silver pins keep the lace in place. Using a small brush, I painted over the pin head, so it wouldn't be seen. 

Thanks for taking a peek! 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

You Make Me Smile

Hello scrappy friends! Today I'm sharing a layout for the Color Stories Inspiration Design Team. This challenge has the prettiest color combinations. 

Here is how I solved the case:

I used the traditional clues.
Scheme: All five colors were used
Evidence: Birds, flowers, stamping, paint
Testimony: I chose #55 from Buddies Prompt: What would you do if you lived on a farm? 

Techniques used on this, and all of my layouts are: painting, texturizing with stencil and modeling paste, 3-D work, embossing, fussy cutting and stamping. 


Blue Fern Studio
     Paper: Vintage Christmas, Noel
          Paisley and Vine, Playing Cards
          Timeless, Calling Cards
          Heartland, Kiss Kiss
     Chipboard: You Make Me Smile
          Jeweled Page Dangles
          Roman Clocks, Small
     Embossing Powder: Santa's Suit
          Golden Seas, Frozen, Speckled Mint
     Seedlings: Beating Heart
     Stamp: Serendipity Medley
     Emboss It Dabber

The journaling reads, "I believe if Liz lived on a farm, she would cuddle with the animals all day! She has always loved her furry and feathered friends. They have included cats, bunnies, hamsters, a dog and wild birds throughout the years. She has been especially loyal to her doxie, Wit, for fourteen years, even though he is a little stinker!

Thanks to everyone who stops by! 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Great Outdoors

Hello fellow scrapbookers! Today I am sharing my latest layout for Color Stories Inspiration. The light here for the past few days has been terrible for photography, but the sun finally peeked through the wintry clouds this afternoon and I was able to get some decent photos for you. 

Here is the prompt for this case file. I solved case 249 in the following way: 

Scheme: All five colors were used
Evidence: Woodland animals, outdoor themed
        items: twigs/branches
Testimony: I chose to document something about
        an outdoor memory 

Come and play along with us if you can....we would love to have you! 

Here, can be seen one of my favorite forms of repurposing. I always save the orange plastic netting that our mandarin oranges are packaged in. To prepare the netting, I use a brayer to coat it with a couple of layers of gesso. Then, I paint it whatever color I like. Or not at all, as in this case. 

If you have never used the tiny seedlings from Blue Fern Studios, you may want to give them a try. I love them and now have most of the colors handy. The larger ecru pebbles  by Prima are delightful to use. They can be colored to suit the project. I didn't color them here. 

In the background, I have used some modeling paste and a stencil to achieve a little texture. I have also done some fussy cutting and turned it into 3-D work. 

More seedlings used here. This time, I sprinkled clear seedlings on top of the flowers for just a tiny bit of sparkle. They remind me of dew drops! 


Blue Fern Studios
          Serendipity, Merriment 
          Timeless, Calling Cards
           Autumn Anthology, Parfumerie
          Great Outdoors
          Birds on a Wire
          All Natural Set
          Fern Leaves
          Seaside Lilies
          Tranquil Blooms
          Harvest Lilies
     Embossing Powders
          Green Ivory
     3-D Matte Gel, transparent
     Art Stones
Ranger Emboss It Dabber

The journaling reads, " Lee has always enjoyed getting outdoors, especially when basketball is involved."

Thanks for stopping by.....see you next time!