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Sunday, October 16, 2011


It's October and that means Octoberfest in many towns across America. We went to Fredericksburg for their Ocotberfest this year and had and enjoyable weekend. Fredericksburg is a small central Texas town in what we call "The Hill Country". It is an area cloce to our state capital, Austin. Many of the small towns in this area were originally inhabited by German immigrants more than a century ago and their descendants who live there today keep alive everything that is good about the German culture. 

Fall is finally in the air, after one of the hottest summers in Texas history. 

The children had a great time on the bungee jump and were so much fun to watch.
Mother and me having a little fun. 
The Monarchs were on their annual  flight from Canada to Mexico! 

A little "Oom-pa-pa" was in order! 

The food at The Peach Tree Tea Room was so delicious that we went there all three days for lunch! Their gift shop has nice gifts that anyone would enjoy having. 

Who could resist gazing into a beautiful garden scene?
Check out the lovely and peaceful coy pond with waterfalls. There were gumball machines that had fish food in them so people could feed the fish and everyone wanted to do their part. 

This is a typical building of the nineteenth century in the Texas Hill Country. The pioneers used stone from local  lime quarries in their architecture. 

About thirty minutes outside of Fredericksburg is "Enchanted Rock" . This unique pink granite dome rises 425 feet above the surrounding countryside and is one of the largest batholiths in the U.S..
We spotted a group of deer grazing at the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.

Hope you enjoyed going along on our weekend get-away! 


  1. So FUN! Thanks for sharing through your pics!

  2. Well...you finally did it. These photos are so gorgeous and glad that you posted them. I would love to go to Fredericksburg some day. That has always been a goal of mine. I love the flowers, butterfly, and the shops. Gorgeous!! xoxo Ginger

  3. What wonderful photo's, Patty! I grew up in San Antonio and spent a lot of time going to Fredericksburg with my mom and dad. My dad loved to buy peaches. After living all around the world, I am in Round Rock (Austin suberb, felt the heat, had no wildflowers or butterflies. We, too have been enjoying the flight of the butterflies. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures, they bring back great memories.

  4. I can see you had a great and fun days!!

  5. I felt like I was on a little getaway just now!! I think my German hubby would like a trip here....wonderful photos, Patty! Thanks for letting the rest of us "hitch a ride" :)

  6. Oh wow!! Those photos are amazing Patty!! Octoberfest is big here where we live too...a big German community....thanks for stopping by my blog...cant wait to see your take on the sketch! xx

  7. Wonderful photos, Patty. I have not been to Fredericksburg in a few years but always love to go! Looks like you got some good scrapping material!