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Thursday, February 9, 2012


In February our thoughts turn to those we love. Many people today are making their own Valentine Cards, so here is a tutorial on how to include sealing wax to make your cards traditional and romantic. This tutorial is intended for adults only, and those using this method do so at their own risk. 

1. One wet sponge to place the seal on while not in use. The impressed part of the seal (the image) should be touching the cold, wet sponge in order for a nice, crisp seal to be produced. 
2. One piece of foil, approximately 12"X12" that is folded  in half  at least  twice. 

3. One lit votive candle
4. Sealing wax with a wick and a seal

DIRECTIONS: Fold the piece of foil twice, so there are four layers. Then, light the votive candle, place the seal face down onto the cold, wet sponge. Light the sealing wax wick and hold it over the foil at a 45 degree angle so the wax will drip onto the foil. Enough hot wax will be needed so that the area covered is a little larger than the impression on the seal. 
Press the seal into the hot wax and hold down for a minute. 
When the wax is cold you will be able to separate the seal from the wax and later peel it off of the foil. Last, glue the wax seal in a strategic spot on your card. Voila!


  1. This photo tutorial is FANTASTIC, Patty! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Great tut, PIC! I cannot wait to try it...maybe this weekend~ Thank you for the directions. xo

  3. I featured you in my newest post! xox

  4. this looks great! have to shop now,LOL!!

  5. Patty I have triedd this wax seal method so many times and it always breaks until I saw the wet sponge part..thank you..you are the best!! Love it..just beautiful :))