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Monday, September 15, 2014

Remembering My First Grade Teacher

This layout is my entry for the CSI challenge this week. Doing this project brought back a lot of fond memories from the recesses of my mind. Thanks to Color, Stories, Inspiration, I have been able to journal many  precious memories that probably would not have been saved, otherwise.

For this layout, I used a lot of techniques:

sewing, inking, painting, stenciling, 3-D work, die cutting.

You can see here, where I used Ranger Crackle Paint. This dusty rose color is one of my last crackle paints that hasn't dried up. I really need to reconstitute many of those bottles!

Yes, the photo in this layout is my first grade picture!

Products used:
Girls' Paperie brad
Martha Stewart diecut
October Afternoon paper
Prima Color Blooms
Ranger crackle paint
Simple Stories paper and rub ons

Here is a more legible version of the journaling:
            I Remember First Grade Teacher.

 I will never forget my first grade teacher, Mrs. Thomas. She was such a sweet and caring teacher, and taught us to read and do simple math. I remember learning to read from the Dick and Jane readers and experiencing a feeling of satisfaction after completing each story.  Mrs. Thomas was a grandmotherly teacher who set a tone of kindness, consideration for others and having a joy for learning.

Our classroom was a place for learning about how to treat each other, about the world around us and the basics of reading and math. Sitting on the front row in class was a prized position in the classroom. I would raise my hand to ask or answer a question . The constant hum of the fan in the back of the room somehow helped us to concentrate on our work. It was a quiet, focussed atmosphere filled with the joy of learning. There were no computers, phones or TV's; not even for Mrs. Thomas. We learned to be good listeners, especially during story time and when Mrs. Thomas was giving a lesson. If we had a question we only had to raise a hand and Mrs. Thomas would gladly come to our desk for help.

I don't remember having any trouble makers in our class. Everyone was eager to learn and encouraged to be good citizens.  Shawna was my best friend in class and we got to play together at recess. We loved climbing on the jungle gym and swinging! We would also flip over the bar that held up the see-saw. We would giggle and wonder if anyone noticed our pretty crinoline petticoats!

What a blessing it was to start school in Mrs. Thomas' room! I suspect that the example she set so many years ago still lives on in each and every one of her students.

This is the cute piece of paper where I did my journaling. It has lines that look like a piece of paper from a first or second grade tablet. First, I spritzed it, then did my writing and last, the stitching.  Below, is the little envelope that I used to hold the journaling.

I always appreciate comments!


  1. Oh my goodness....I eyed #138 (school theme) over the weekend and thought, "perhaps I should dig out a photo of me or Jon for a change and do a LO"...you beat me to it! Great minds think alike! So funny! I really like the edge stitching and vellum envelope. Such sweet papers and details. And of course, the best thing of all is your cheery smile! <3

  2. Love this Patty. You have the same smile today! I may do something similar. Good to remember grade school:)

  3. Well you really cracked this case file wide open Miss Patty. Your sweet photo, the excellent design, the use of vellum for a pocket and the gorgeous vintage children, all evoke an era which I recall with great clarity. Your teacher sounds like one in a million; she gave you the precious gift of self confident and approval, which I'm sure underpins your style of teaching too. Inspirational page :D

  4. Gorgeous, Patty! Love all the little details on here, and your journaling is so wonderful!