Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Trip to Fayetteville

This fun mini album by Graphic 45, called a  "Policy Envelope Album" was created for The Crafty Scrapper Design Team, and turned into a cherished project. My mother, husband, cousin Ken and his wife took the trip to Fayetteville, Texas, where Ken's and my grandmother and her family lived from before the Civil War until a little after the turn of the century. This album chronicles our journey of discovery for Ken and his wife.

These two pages show familiar scenes in Fayetteville and portraits of my great great grandfather and great grandmother. They immigrated here from Germany and Prussia in 1847 and made a good life for themselves and their family through hard work and determination.

 This is the home of Hugo and Lina Zapp in 2011. It is on the register of Texas Historic Places.

The Zapp Building  is where Hugo Zapp ran his mercantile business. It also has a Texas Historic Marker!
The small  Lutheran Church is where my family worsiped and the cemetery where several of my ancestors are burried. The stained glass windows inside the church are beautiful.

I love this page showing a friend of my mother's who lives in this small community. She is the town historian and has always been eager to share her information with us. Miss Schultz has answered many questions about our own family and the history of Fayetteville.

This page includes photos of my great great grandparents. C.T. Zapp was the son of Hugo and Lina. In the portrait on the left you can see them and their childdren before the turn of the century. My grandmother was not yet born. In the photo on the right, the children are all grown, and my grandmother is in the center, sitting on the front porch rail.

These are pictures of Ken, Mother and me standing on the back porch of the Zapp Building. The wonderful thing about this little album is that it is meant to be used interactively.  Inside each pocket I placed family history, a family tree,  maps and other interesting information. In the last pocket I placet the story about the three of us on this porch.

This is the back cover. This album is on display at The Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie, Texas. 


  1. So of a kind!

  2. Wow Patty!!! What a precious work you made on this album,it´s really fantastic and so detailed!!

  3. How wonderful...retracing the footsteps of ancestors! I really like the photo of the Lutheran church and that you have all kinds of goodies inside the envelopes! Glad you got a chance to visit with Miss Schultz. xo

  4. After I saw this on, I had to come to your blog to check out the details and to look more closely at you wonderful creation. This is just so very awesome, Patty! You have made and preserved a beautiful memory here, my friend!!!! This has really touched me!

  5. Oh Patty, I love eveything about this. Your work is so amazing.....