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Sunday, March 30, 2014


The photo in this layout has been on my mind for a while and when Case File 120 at CSI required an umbrella as one of its potential criteria, I decided that it was time to do this one. 


The little girls in the photo had a tragedy in their young lives. Once you know the sad story you will understand why they didn't have a smile on their faces. The journaling on vellum reads:

A Sad Story

Kathryn and Geraldine were my mother’s cousins. They were left motherless when their dear mother died trying to give birth to a baby brother. Neither the baby nor the mother survived.  Fortunately, the sisters were members of a large family, including their father, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  Not a single need went ignored, and they had all the love and attention they could want.   Occasionally their family would take the two girls to the cemetery in Houston, Texas, which is part of a coastal area with a low elevation.  The two little girls would be shocked to see that water was standing on their mother’s grave and they would cry for hours as they grieved over the loss of their mother and the condition of her grave. After this went on for some time, their grandfather decided to build a family mausoleum, and the girl’s sadness eventually subsided to the point that they could function as normal children. 

Products used:

Prima paper, flowers, resin figure, chipboard  
      sticker,  butterfly and button
The Robin's Nest Tear Drops
Webster's Pages lace and tule
From my stash:
     embroidery thread and metal heart

Techniques used:
paper folding
3-D work

Thank you for viewing and leaving a comment.


  1. Oh my but this is such a lovely layout. I really enjoyed reading your journal and it was very sad but happy at the end. It is a beautiful photo and you did a wonderful job on this amazing layout!

    Thanks for sharing this my friend!

  2. Superb Patty....I'm glad you were able to upload the close ups; it allows me to see the sweet details. My heart goes out to these little ones and I'm impressed by the sensitivity of the Grandfather who saw their distress and built a mausoleum to ease their pain. Thanks for the inspiration :D

  3. Amazing detail and so soft. The story is heart breakingly beautiful. I love the umbrella - I had a lace parasol just like it for christmas!