Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The unveiling of a blog can be just a little bit unnerving, but very exciting at the same time! I feel like a proud, first-time parent! My blog designer is Karen at Valentine Design, and I highly recommend her work. She is currently writing a book on blogging, and I cannot wait to use it! THANK YOU, Karen for all of your work, care and creativity in making my blog! 

In North Texas, we are in the middle of a winter deep freeze, as is much of the country. The only reason that I got out of the house today was to feed our little menagerie of birds! We had cardinals, blue jays, tit mice, doves and a solitary woodpecker. They were all eager to feast on the sunflower seeds, suit, breadcrumbs and corn chips that we put out for them! What a treat it was to watch them from our kitchen windows! 

It was a good day to stay inside and do a little scrapbooking, so I started my Valentine cards. These first four will go to family, and are made with a lot of TLC! I love the personal touch of creating Valentines that come from my heart.


  1. Off to a good start! I like your bird photos...we do not have cardinals in Ca. Hope you are able to get a picture of the woodpecker. Stay warm & cozy!! xox

  2. Woo Hoo Patty! your blog already looks DAZZLING! Congrats on this new venture...I remember when I first started my blog, and I admit...IT MADE ME CUCKOO! LOL! I really never thought I would get the hang of it...but fortunately I did. Thankfully though, I have my own IT department (my hubby :) who still has to help me when I just cannot figure it out, which is now only every once in awhile! I already signed up to follow you!!!!